About Moravec’s ATA Black Belt Academy of Hobart, Indiana


Moravecs ATA Black Belt Academy has been for the past 10 years dedicated to enhancing our community through the positive mental principles and values taught in our school. Honor, Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Confidence, and Loyalty are life skills covered during class. 

Songahm Taekwondo helps students focus. Each new skill mastered is the next step in achieving a goal. Each smaller goal takes discipline  while encouraging commitment and perseverance to get to the next level. These are skills that not only help students find success in Songahm Taekwondo, but in school, social situations, and everyday life. 

Becoming a Black Belt is about individual improvement and no one is compared to anyone else. There will always be someone better or worse than you. You earn YOUR Black Belt because of the physical and mental improvements YOU make from training. 

Meet Our Student of the Month

Name  Kalysta Kumicich
Age  11
Rank  Red belt decided
What do you like most? I like to learn something new that will help me in the future
Favorite move  
Goal  The highest black belt possible
Comment  They teach you good lessons every day.  .


Meet Our Instructors

Lisa Hashu

Lisa Hashu

Taekwondo Instructor

Hi I am Lisa Hashu. I am a mother of two teenage girls. I have an associate degree in Early Childhood Development, with 20+ years experience. I have been a Taekwondo instructor for 7 years. I enjoy teaching the children new moves and helping them reach their goals. I love to see the self control and confidence that Taekwondo gives them.
Andrew Hashu

Andrew Hashu

Taekwondo Instructor

My name is Andrew Hashu. I am a third degree black belt in Songahm Taekwondo. I’ve been an instructor for eight years. 

The thing I enjoy most about being an instructor, is watching the confidence grow as the children progress. To see a student go from being shy and just looking at the mat, to looking you in the eye while engaging in a conversation. Or a student that isn’t doing so well academically begin to excel speaks volumes about the benefits of martial arts training. 

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